Friday, 27 March 2009

Subversive Spaces

Go to the Whitworth Art Gallery to visit their Subversive Spaces exhibition. Do it now.

This may not seem at first to be that related to writing, but there is a lot in there that's relevant to the subject. Within the exhibition there are some extracts of writing about Surrealist ideas, notably Brenton's. But more significantly, the whole exhibition is very inspiring to any sort of artist. The surrealists started out with very specific ideas, in this exhibition the concept of the home as a threatening space was a central theme and the artists represented it in a number of different ways within their work. The way the artists focused their ideas and considered what was core to them is very inspiring.

If you do go be sure to visit the instilation piece Kinderzimmer by Gregor Schneider. It has to be experienced one at a time, you need to collect a ticket for a ten minute time slot (apparently mornings are the easiest times to get tickets, if you go late in the afternoon you'll probably be out of luck). The piece has caused very mixed reactions, but even if you hate it, it will make you think. It's best to go in there knowing nothing about it, so I'll leave you to discover it for yourself.

While you're at the Whitworth you can pick up one of the cool badges that are floating around the city saying: If you read this, I'll give it to you (but then you must wear it). These are Katya Sander's newest project, which is part of the Whose Cosmopoliatanism? events. Pass the badge along to anyone who asks for it, thereby creating a social contract with them and setting off a chain around the city.

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